About this Website

This page contains information about the Chimney Rock web site. This is where I will put announcements about changes in the site's layout, legal disclaimers, and any other miscellaneous information that pertains to this site.

Site History

August 2014

Site is moved over to Google Sites.

August 10, 1999

A redesigned version of the Chimney Rock website goes online and the site moves from the Rutgers "eden" system to the "rci" system with the following note.

My apologies to those who've had trouble locating this site over the last few months. My (long-overdue) graduation from Rutgers in the spring left this site without a home for a while. My (long-overdue) full-time employment by Rutgers provided it with a new home. Please take note of the new address of our home page and let all interested parties know that we're back.

I am currently in the process of getting the word of our new address out to the search engines and other birding sites. If, come September 1st, you come across any sites pointing to the address, let me know and I'll check into it.

September 1996

The original version of this site goes live.

Spring 1996

I began to work on the Chimney Rock website.

The Chimney Rock Hawk Watch Web Page is designed and maintained by Chris Magarelli.

The purpose of this site is to inform the birding community and the general public about the Chimney Rock hawk watch in Martinsville, New Jersey. If you have suggestions about how I can improve this site, you can email me.

The Contents of This Site

About Chimney Rock section

This section needs a lot of work. Right now, it's just a dumping place for various bits of information that I can't fit anywhere else. I plan to refine this section and add sub-sections on the things like the history and geography of the Chimney Rock area.

How to Get There section

I hope to be able to add some maps to this section. I might also add alternate/more detailed directions.

Totals and Statistics section

I have included some basic totals and statistical info on this site. I hope to add some more as time goes on. I intend to update the year-to-date total at least weekly, probably more often. As I add more info to the "Totals and Statistics" section, I will probably have to rearrange its layout.

Pictures section

Currently, I've put up some pictures of the surrounding landscape, as well as a few pictures of birds.

I intend to talk to some of the photographers among the Chimney Rock regulars about getting more pictures of birds and of people at the watch to put in the "Pictures" page.

Articles section

I've put up some articles about Chimney Rock written by Chris Aquilla for New Jersey Audubon magazine and Records of New Jersey Birds. Some other articles about Chimney Rock have appeared in various publications in recent years. Even if I cannot get permission to reproduce them, I will try to make a list of them so that the reader can track them down, themselves.

Obligatory Legal Disclaimer

This web site is designed and maintained by Chris Magarelli. It is not supported by Dimacs, Rutgers University, or the Somerset County Park Commission. Any opinions expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the above-mentioned organizations or anyone else.